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Vampire Facial (Liquid Gold) — November 17, 2020

Vampire Facial (Liquid Gold)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used for a liquid facelift (sometimes known as a Vampire Facelift) or can be injected into the scalp to help regrow hair. This same PRP can be used with microneedling to enhance collagen growth (known as a Vampire Facial), and with our Infini-RF Microneedling machine.

At Ark-La-Tex Dermatology, we offer all of these treatments! Make an appointment with one of our doctors or Aestheticians to see what is right for you.

Infini—Radiofrequency microneedling—A new twist to restore your skin. — September 20, 2020

Infini—Radiofrequency microneedling—A new twist to restore your skin.

If fine lines and loss of firmness are your problem, this may be your solution.  Infini uses your body’s own reaction to firm the skin by delivering energy directly to the dermis through gold plated micro needles. The top layer of the skin is protected, allowing treatments on all skin types, even tanned skin.

Scars, acne scarring as well as overall skin rejuvenation may be treated in one to three office visits. And even better, this procedure is discounted in September.  Schedule your consultation today 

Safe and effective treatments for acne scars — April 19, 2016

Safe and effective treatments for acne scars

If acne scars bother you, safe and effective treatments are available. These include: laser treatments, minor skin surgery, chemical peels and dermal fillers.  As we age, these scars may become more noticeable because of loss of skin collagen. 

The keys to effective treatment:

  1. clearing up acne first
  2. selecting the right treatment based on the type of scar

The most common types of scars are:

1. Depressed (these may be different shapes)

2. Raised (hypertrophic )

3. Discolored (red or brown)

There are many reasons to treat acne scars. Most of these involve social aspects of scaring and loss of self esteem. Keep in mind that while almost all scars can be significantly improved, there may still be residual skin changes. Many of these treatments are not covered by insurance. Some may involve several days of downtime. Always inform your doctor if you have recently taken Accutane (isotretinoin) as many treatments must be delayed after this therapy.

Treatments for depressed scars include:

  1. Acne scar surgery
  2. Laser resurfacing
  3. Dermal fillers
  4. Dermabrasion
  5. Certain chemical peels
  6. Microneedling
  7. Skin tightening

For raised scars, some of these same treatments may help. Most commonly used are:

  1. Corticosteroid injections
  2. Acne scar surgery
  3. Laser therapy
  4. Silicone gel

Discoloration (red and brown) is often the easiest to treat and may be helped by:

  1. Lasers
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Bleaching creams
  4. Microdermabrasion / exfoliation

Talk with a professional who is skilled in ALL these therapies so that you select the treatment(s) that work best for you.