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When Summer Does a Number on Your Skin — July 29, 2020

When Summer Does a Number on Your Skin

What to do when summer does a number on your skin? You need a good skin care routine!

  1. Dry skin on the upper arms and thighs — Use your ZO complexion renewal pads and follow it with Nectifirm moisturizer daily as part of your facial routine.  
  2. Keratosis Pilaris or arm bumps —Try 12% Lachydrin lotion
  3. Dull skin on the face — Add ZO exfoliating polish and Daily Power defense to your usual routine of sunscreen and Retin A.  
  4. Too much brown — Try the ZO Pigment Control Kit or add Lytera to your hydroquinone regimen.  Skin care routines can be customized at Arklatex Dermatology.
Dupixent—Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Now Available for Children Age 6 and Up — July 22, 2020

Dupixent—Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Now Available for Children Age 6 and Up

Have you ever had a child ask you, “What does it feel like to have normal skin?”  That is what a young lady with severe atopic dermatitis asked me this week.  Since birth, she has been covered with an itchy scaly rash that has been resistant to topical and oral treatments with steroids and other medicines.  As a result, she sat in my office in July covered in a hoodie and sweatpants.  As she is only eleven, she has not been able to be treated with some of the newer therapies.  Just recently, the FDA approved Dupixent for children 6 and up, and she got her first injection this week.

Above is a picture of her arms pre-treatment.  Stand by for further updates in 2 weeks.

Things That Bite and Sting in the Summer — July 19, 2020

Things That Bite and Sting in the Summer

Most of us are spending more than the usual amount of time outside these days. As a result, we are having more encounters than we’d like with these unsavory pests.  

1) Mosquitoes:  Obviously the best way to treat mosquitoes is to avoid them. Using insect repellent and/or insect resistant clothing is your first line of defense.  This is the best advice because many diseases are spread by mosquitoes.  If you are bitten, however, you still need to treat the symptoms.  Taking Claritin or similar long acting antihistamines will markedly decrease itch and swelling.  Over-the-counter hydrocortisone two to three times daily is also helpful, and gives you something to do besides scratch.  If you forget and scratch, an antibiotic ointment applied daily may help prevent infection.  

2) Chiggers:  These are little mites that burrow into the skin.  They stick around for a few days and lay eggs before dropping off.  Before going out, make sure you spray your clothes to avoid allowing them access.  If your case is severe, call your physician.  I often recommend a steroid shot and a prescription medication to apply to kill the mites.  

3). Bees, wasps, and fire ants:  These stings often need more than antihistamines and topical steroids.  If swelling increases over several days, it may be a sign of infection. Your dermatologist can provide antibiotics.

Remember, don’t scratch.  Besides increasing the risk of scarring, you increase your risk of infection.