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Vampire Facial (Liquid Gold) — November 17, 2020

Vampire Facial (Liquid Gold)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used for a liquid facelift (sometimes known as a Vampire Facelift) or can be injected into the scalp to help regrow hair. This same PRP can be used with microneedling to enhance collagen growth (known as a Vampire Facial), and with our Infini-RF Microneedling machine.

At Ark-La-Tex Dermatology, we offer all of these treatments! Make an appointment with one of our doctors or Aestheticians to see what is right for you.

Treating Hair Loss (video) — May 13, 2020
Treating Your Thinning Hair — September 21, 2018

Treating Your Thinning Hair

Struggling with hair loss? Here are some considerations in evaluating and treating:

  1. Have your thyroid checked. Low thyroid activity can cause hair loss.
  2. Consider a scalp biopsy. Your dermatologist can then prescribe a course of treatment. This may include injections (steroids or PRP), supplements (Nutrafol), topical treatments like Rogaine, or even prescriptions like Propecia.

At ArkLaTex Dermatology, we do all of these things. Remember, early intervention is important. A hair follicle that has been completely destroyed cannot be recovered.


PRP for Hair Loss — September 16, 2018

PRP for Hair Loss

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PRP is an abbreviation for platelet rich plasma. This is a product that is extracted from your own blood and injected into your scalp to reawaken your own hair follicles to begin growing again. This is a simple office procedure with no downtown, and is done once a month for 3 to 4 months, then every 6 months for maintenance.

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