Are you working in the yard more these days?  Here are some plants you should know.  

Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac all contain the same compound that causes allergies in many people. It’s found not only in the woods, but in almost all our yards. Poison ivy has three grouped leaflets and often grows as a vine on leaflets and trees. Poison oak has thee oak like leaves and may grow as a shrub or vine. Poison sumac has a row of paired leaves.

If you feel like you have touched one of these plants, you must wash the plant oil off in 5 minutes or it will still cause an allergic reaction.  If you find you have been exposed, and are breaking out, ask your physician for a steroid cream to use for one to two weeks.  If your reaction is severe enough, a steroid shot or oral steroids may be the only thing to give you relief.  

Remember untreated contact dermatitis may last two to three weeks, and may spread to areas on your skin that weren’t exposed.