As you’ve heard me say, the two most important beauty products you can invest in are sunscreen (in the morning) and Retin-A (at night). So many people give up on Retin-A, or its cousin Retinol, before they really give it a chance. So, let’s look at how to use it.

Start every other night. Apply Vaseline to your lips to product them. Then, take a small pea-sized amount, and spread it gently on your face. If moisturizer is needed, apply it on top of your product. Since you are applying it at night, moderate daytime sun is OK.

If Retin-A is still too drying, start with Retinol. It comes in several strengths, but be careful of over-the-counter Retinol. Many are unstable. Skinceuticals and SkinMedicaboth have good Retinol products.

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