You probably aren’t even aware that you touch your face all day long, making it one of the dirtiest parts of your body. These are three reasons to wash your face before you go to sleep:

1. You’ll Reduce Breakouts. Dirt accumulates during the day. While it doesn’t cause acne itself, dirt clogs pores, increasing blackheads and the build up of dead skin. Dead skin makes you look dull and decreases the penetration of useful products. 

2. Your Moisturizer Will Work Better. Not only is moisturizer absorbed better on clean skin, but so are all skin products. Any skin care item should be applied only after cleanser and, ideally, toner. 

3. You’ll Help Prevent Wrinkles. This goes for your nighttime Retin-A and your daytime sunscreen – your two most important anti-wrinkle creams.