Not all patients want to take oral medications or antibiotics to treat acne. 

Here are four alternatives to oral treatment:healthy-skin-422x280

  1) Photodynamic Therapy–This involves sitting under a specific wavelength light two times a week for four to six weeks.  Blue wavelength light kills the acne causing bacteria.  This may have to be repeated periodically. 

2) Excel V Laser–This works in a similar fashion.  Treatments are not as frequent, but are more expensive. 

3) Salicylic acid peels are a  great treatment for the fine acne bumps that often occur on the back. 

4) Acne facials with comedone extractions–This is kind of like steam cleaning your face to unclog pores. 

While all four of these treatments may stand alone, their effectiveness can be enhanced by combining them with conventional antibiotics, topical retinoids, and other treatments.  All of these–and more–are available at ArkLaTex Dermatology.