Mosquito, Culicidae

1. Don’t get bitten! Make sure you use an insecticide spray to prevent. Also, many companies make insect-proof clothing.

2. For mosquito bites, treat with 1% hydrocortisone and take a non-sedating antihistamine like Allegra or Claritin daily.

3. Chiggers require longer treatment. See your doctor about a prescription for Permathrin 5% cream, and also use hydrocortisone and Claritin. A Celestone/Kenalog injection can also offer relief.

4. Bee stings and spider bites may require antihistamine and topical steroids, and are also more likely to get a secondary infection. If swelling increases, you may need an oral antibiotic. Likewise, fire ant bites can also become secondarily infected.

5. When in doubt, see your physician.