Radio-frequency devices offer a great non-surgical, no down time approach to skin tightening. Many of us notice laxity in our face, jowl, neck, and other body parts. And, if you’re like me, I don’t want to take time off for surgery. So, what’s the alternative?

Exilis uses radio-frequency energy to heat up the fat and collagen, causing cells to shrink. During this time, you are lying down and relaxing. This procedure, unlike some tightening procedures, is relatively pain free.

How many treatments will you need? On the average, 2-4 treatments about 2 weeks apart are necessary. A repeat touchup may be done in 6-12 months. What can you expect after your treatment? Most patients notice mild redness that disappears in a few hours. You may resume normal activities immediately. You can even return to work right after your treatment. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Watch Dr. Futrell receive Exilis Elite treatment on her lunch break!