Fall and winter are the best times for chemical peels. Whether it is a light pre-party peel for exfoliating, or a deeper peel for anti-aging, this is a relatively inexpensive way to freshen your skin.

A-Alpha hydroxyl acid peels, like glycolic can exfoliate and freshen. This is a typical lunchtime peel.

B– Beta hydroxyl acid peels (salicylic acid) can be a great for a quick anti-age treatment on the face and body.

C-Combination peels (Vitalize/Rejuvenize peels) combat unwanted pigment, and can be done in series to lighten unwanted “age spots”. They are great for removing discolored acne scaring. Click here for before/after photos. 

G-Certain Glytone peels target problem areas

1) Mandelic acid-for sensitive skin and redness

2) Pyruvic acid- moderate downtime and anti-aging

3) Lactic acid/trichloroacetic acid in low concentration target the eye and lip area

4) Combination TCA and Kojic acid peels can target “age spots” on hands

T-Higher concentrations of TCA (trichloroacetic acid), with or without Jessner’s solution, deal with more extensive photo-aging, dark age spots, and in some cases actinic Keratoses (precancerous) and some acne scars.

Alphabet soup can be confusing and a consultation can help you find the right peel—and avoid the wrong one.