Winter is fast approaching. With holiday parties and events coming up, we at Ark-La-Tex Dermatology want to look great, without tanning beds. So it’s time for a spray tan! Here are some tips to maximize results. 

1) Shave and exfoliate before your appointment.

2) Do not use any cream or lotion the day of treatment.

3) Remove your makeup with a toner if you want tanning on your face.

4) Wear loose fitting clothing that won’t give you “wrinkle lines” when you dress after treatment.

5) Bring clothing to cover up while spraying that won’t give you inappropriate tan lines.

6) Go to a center (like ArkLaTex Dermatology) that hand sprays you to get a customized look.

7) Try it out in advance. Don’t get your first spray tan the day before your wedding!