Summer tans are fading. So is it time to move indoors to a tanning bed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!   

Photo credit: meganmillscrm / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

What are the dangers of tanning? While skin cancer has been associated with sunburn, even moderate amounts of sun or UVA (tanning bed) may produce the same effect. It can also prematurely age your skin, causing sun spots and wrinkles.

Is tanning good for your health? While Vitamin D is formed in the skin, only a minimal amount of sunlight is necessary. It does not require a suntan.

Are people actually being harmed by tanning? The number of skin cancers is rising, especially in those exposed to extra ultraviolet rays. Many of these are melanomas, which are serious and can result in death.

So what are my wintertime options? Consider a spray tan (available in my office) or a self-tanner bought at the drugstore.

Watch my blog for tips on achieving the perfect sunless tan.