1. HA5 by Skin Medica for smooth makeup application and a marked decrease in crepey skin 2. DEJ serum to enhance your Botox effects around the eyes and forehead 3. TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM for that problematic décolleté area 4. Skin Medica lip plumper for a quick fix for vanishing lips… Read More

Today, I discuss Dr. Baker’s Sculptra procedure. Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, which restores volume to the aging face. As you age, the collagen beneath the skin naturally begins to break down. This collagen gives your face volume and shape. As a result of the collagen breakdown, wrinkles and lines begin to form. Instead of “filling”… Read More

1) Trouble fitting into your dress? You have time for two Cool Sculpting sessions before the holidays. 2) Sagging jowls or cheeks? Get your Sculptra, Juvederm or Restylane products. Any bruising will be long gone before holiday parties! Watch Dr. Baker receive Sculptra treatment: https://youtu.be/8EWGe0Qxq58  3) Unwanted red or brown spots on face? Consult and laser treatment.… Read More

  AM1) Obagi Cleanser2) Obagi Toner3) TNS Essential Serum (Skin Medica)4) Tinted Sunscreen ( Skin Ceuticals) PM 1) Cleanser (Obagi)2)Toner (Obagi)3) HQRA ( combines 12% hydroquinone and 0.1% Retin A) Two to three times a week I also use an exfoliant – either Obagi’s Exfoderm or Revision’s Finishing Touch. If I am extremely dry, I… Read More

  Most of us look great when we get to work at 8 am. Our makeup is fresh, our lips are moist, and our skin is glowing. But by mid-afternoon,  our look is slipping. Here are some quick pick-me-ups and repairs. Photo credit: GORE-TEX® Products / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Moisturizer This is often the key. A… Read More