Traveling is on the agenda for many of us this summer. Here are a few great tips to keep your skin looking great: Don’t wear makeup on the plane. Instead, reapply moisturizer frequently, and don’t forget Vaseline for your lips. Carry your own skin and hair care products. Transfer them to travel size that can… Read More

Need some “freshening”? For smoother and lighter skin, try a 20 minute procedure. Done at the end of the day, this simple laser treatment has minimal downtown. Your first choice of treatments can smooth the surface, erase fine lines, and make pores look smaller. A second type of treatment allows for decrease in pigment. Both of… Read More

If acne scars bother you, safe and effective treatments are available. These include: laser treatments, minor skin surgery, chemical peels and dermal fillers.  As we age, these scars may become more noticeable because of loss of skin collagen.  The keys to effective treatment: clearing up acne first selecting the right treatment based on the type… Read More

Nail fungus often starts with one yellowing or thickening nail. Before you know it, if could spread to multiple fingers or toes causing self-consciousness about wearing sandals, going barefoot or shaking hands.  The first step toward treatment is identifying the cause of nail changes. Not all changes are fungus. Other causes for nail changes can… Read More

Save the date! Spring Fling at our new WK Pierremont office. Come see what’s new and get 20% off products. April 14th only, 10a – 2p. Call (318) 212-3440 for details.… Read More

When it comes to lips, the 2 most common complaints I hear are, “I wish I had bigger lips,” and “Make the lines around my lips less noticeable.”  Now with many products and procedures available, this can be  accomplished in just a day!   One or two syringes of any of four hyaluronic acid fillers can both plump… Read More

What to do before summer Get laser hair removal – now available in both the Shreveport and Bossier locations. Treat you spider veins (legs) with injectable Asclera or Excel V laser. Start your spray tans now in both Shreveport and Bossier Stock up on sunscreen, Retin A, and hydroquinone to avoid bronzing Clear and Brilliant… Read More

Microneedling is a treatment that utilizes tiny needles to induce collagen production. This is a great low or no downtime method to improve skin texture and pore size, reduce fine lines and even improve mild acne scarring. This procedure is coupled with HA (hyaluronic acid), growth factors, PRP (Platelet rich plasma) to stimulate and renew… Read More

Hyaluronic acids are great to inject into the face, but not everyone wants injectables. Skin Medica has developed an amazing new product to massage in the outer skin to rejuvenate in just 5 minutes. Why should you try it? Quick way to erase fine lines on the face Makeup goes on ever so smoothly Erases… Read More

Short and swimsuit season is almost here. Rid yourself of ugly spider veins easily and safely. 1. Sclerotherapy – involves injections of a substance such as Asclera or hyper-tonic saline to close off tiny vessels. 2. Laser treatment – a direct beam of light can destroy fine vessels by heating the pigment in red blood cells.… Read More