Botox Week at ArkLaTex Dermatology is Nov. 6 – 10. Here is HOW TO BOTOX. 1) Make your appointment (or just drop in) for your $11/unit Botox injections.   2) Take advantage of other specials on Juvederm and Skin Medica products.   3) Bring a friend who’s never had Botox at our clinic for additional… Read More

5 Problems to Solve With Fraxel Lasers 1)Acne scars 2)Surgical scars 3)Stretch marks 4)Fine and deep lines and wrinkles 5)Brown spots/age spots Book a free consultation to see if Fraxel is right for you. Receive 10% off in October! … Read More

Sign up for laser hair removal. Remove unsightly spider veins using laser or sclerotherapy. Use Nectifirm by Revision to reduce crepey appearance of knees. Consider CoolSculpting to contour thighs Schedule Exilis to tighten skin.… Read More

1) Myth:  Sunscreens are toxic.  The most common unblocking ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are probably safer than most of your cleansers and cosmetics. 2) Myth: Organic is better.  Actually sunscreens are divided into 2 groups.  So-called chemical sunscreens absorb the sun’s rays (Oxybenzone or Avobenzone).  Physical sunscreens block or deflect the sun (Zinc… Read More

Get ready for summer with CoolSculpting, the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure for freezing away unwanted fat. No surgery…no needles…no downtime. This procedure is FDA-cleared, safe, effective and once treated, fat cells are gone for good. This month we are offering introductory pricing, so call today for a free consultation. Expires 6/30/2017… Read More

  The ground hog was wrong! Spring is almost here, so here are you five “must – dos” to be ready: Laser Hair Removal – axillae, bikini and legs.  Sclerotherapy for those ugly spider veins. Vi Peel – Freshen your face and remove diffuse bronzing before you are in the sun. Fraxel laser for those… Read More

I’m often asked, “What should I do for the fine lines around the eyes? ” Usually my answer is, “Do Botox.” However, as I tell my patients, sometimes more is better. Combination therapy almost always will yield better results. For the eyes: Botox every 3-4 months. Revox 7 –this is a special peptide formula to… Read More

Did you ever want to learn how your dermatologist takes care of her skin? Come to one of these programs for my best tips–and some great discounts as well!   … Read More

  1) Use an antioxidant serum before your morning sunscreen.  A good bargain is Vitamin C Lotion 30% by Revision (109$).   2) A light winter peel–lactic acid or salicylic acid–can rid you of dry, dull skin.  Add a hyaluronic acid moisturizer to really smooth your skin.  Good products:  Hydrating Serum by Revision ($65) or HA5 by SkinMedica… Read More