Avoid Pink Eyelid Syndrome Always remove eye makeup gently – Obagi gentle cleanser or Cetaphil cleanser are good choices. If irritated, stop eye makeup until clear. Use Vaseline nightly on the eyelids – this can be done long-term. If eyelids are really red and scaly, try Desonide lotion for 3-5 days (need prescription). If these… Read More

Cool Tips for Cool Weather Blues Always apply sunscreen to your lips daily. You can even get lipsticks (like Colorscience) that contain sunscreen. Vaseline – a thick layer to your lips every night before bedtime. 1% hydrocortisone – do this occasionally (no more than ¬†times per month) for severe irritation. Do not lick lips –… Read More

Age spots are flat, brown areas called lentigines. Caused by the sun, they are often found on the face, arms, upper chest, and back. Here are a few of the many methods for treating these: SUNSCREEN! Every day!¬† Topical prescription medicines such as hydroquinones, Retin A. Laser treatments Chemical peels Consult your dermatologist to find… Read More

  AM 1) Obagi Cleanser 2) Obagi Toner 3) TNS Essential Serum (Skin Medica) 4) Tinted Sunscreen ( Skin Ceuticals) PM 1) Cleanser (Obagi) 2)Toner (Obagi) 3) HQRA ( combines 12% hydroquinone and 0.1% Retin A) Two to three times a week, I also use an exfoliant – either Obagi’s Exfoderm or Revision’s Finishing Touch.… Read More