Dismayed at the collection of brown spots on your face that have appeared over the summer, but strapped for time for treatment? Consider this all-in-one treatment.  HQRA, used on your face nightly for one to two months, can be your answer.  This product contains tretinoin ( Retin A), hydroquinone (for bleaching), and anti-inflammatory agents.… Read More

If you find yourself frazzled by back-to-school and don’t have time for a detailed skincare routine, an all-in-one product may be what you need. Try Intellishade! It combines a sunscreen, moisturizer and antioxidants. This, along with your Retin-A at night, gives you the basics in just a few seconds daily. Add in a once-a-week exfoliant… Read More

**Clinical acne facials 20% off for a limited time! Call (318) 212-3440.** It is back-to-school time, and that means putting your best face forward.  But it can also mean embarrassing acne.  So let’s talk about quick fixes and more lasting solutions.                            … Read More