I have had laser hair removal to get rid of mustache and chin hairs. However, many women suffer from “peach fuzz” – tiny white hairs on their entire face that can’t be removed by any laser.  What to do? Certainly don’t leave them there! There is a fine blading process that can be performed about… Read More

Juvederm is probably our most common injectable.  It comes in 3 forms.  It can be used to enhance cheeks and mid face (Juvederm Voluma), smile lines (Juvederm Ultra Plus), and fine lines or lips (Juvederm Ultra).  Often I combine these for a Liquid Face Lift. Watch a Juvederm treatment: Results are immediate:  Schedule a consultation… Read More

1. Don’t get bitten! Make sure you use an insecticide spray to prevent. Also, many companies make insect-proof clothing. 2. For mosquito bites, treat with 1% hydrocortisone and take a non-sedating antihistamine like Allegra or Claritin daily. 3. Chiggers require longer treatment. See your doctor about a prescription for Permathrin 5% cream, and also use… Read More