Hyaluronic acids are great to inject into the face, but not everyone wants injectables. Skin Medica has developed an amazing new product to massage in the outer skin to rejuvenate in just 5 minutes. Why should you try it? Quick way to erase fine lines on the face Makeup goes on ever so smoothly Erases… Read More

Short and swimsuit season is almost here. Rid yourself of ugly spider veins easily and safely. 1. Sclerotherapy – involves injections of a substance such as Asclera or hyper-tonic saline to close off tiny vessels. 2. Laser treatment – a direct beam of light can destroy fine vessels by heating the pigment in red blood cells.… Read More

Radio-frequency devices offer a great non-surgical, no down time approach to skin tightening. Many of us notice laxity in our face, jowl, neck, and other body parts. And, if you’re like me, I don’t want to take time off for surgery. So, what’s the alternative? Exilis uses radio-frequency energy to heat up the fat and… Read More