Most of us look great when we get to work at 8 am. Our makeup is fresh, our lips are moist, and our skin is glowing. But by mid-afternoon,  our look is slipping. Here are some quick pick-me-ups and repairs. Moisturizer This is often the key. A little Luxe, by Obagi, at noon can replenish… Read More

With the cooler, drier air of fall and winter quickly approaching, here’s how to get control now of your scaling, flaking scalp: Wash your hair frequently. Daily is best. Use a good dandruff shampoo. Head and Shoulders or Selsum Blue are good choices, Do not over-brush, pick or scratch. Psoriasis is made worse by trauma. Topical steroid… Read More

If you were to poll 100 dermatologists, you would likely find about 99 of them use retinoids daily. So why choose this important product? And which one is right for you? When we are young, our skin replenishes itself in an even fashion. But as we age, the replenishment often gets out of sync. The… Read More

Former president Jimmy Carter has been very candid about his diagnosis and treatment for melanoma. Most, but not all, melanomas begin on the skin. However, the initial diagnosis for Jimmy Carter came from removing a 1 inch mass in his liver in August. This probably represents a metastasis (spread) from a lesion that may have… Read More