Now is the time to get skin fit for summer.  Here are a few tips.   1) Along with your gentle cleanser, don’t forget to exfoliate.  Try Skinmedica AHA/BHA.   2)Wear sunscreen daily and reapply often.  If you need to reapply without taking off your makeup, try Colorscience powdered Sunforgettable (comes in several shades).  … Read More

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a common skin problem that is worse in summer.  If it is severe enough to interfere with your lifestyle, consider these options:   Drysol, a prescription strength topical antiperspirant will solve most problems, but is very drying and may irritate. Qbrexa is a newer topical that is less irritating and… Read More

Memorial Day is approaching, and with it comes an increased chance of sunburn.  While the proper solution is to avoid burning altogether, here are a few tips if it occurs.  Take a nonsteroidal drugs like aspirin or Motrin to reduce both inflammation and pain.   Be generous with emollients.  Epidermal Repair Cream is great, but… Read More

Summer’s just around the corner. Don’t let your skincare routine take a vacation. Here are my top 5 products to take on a trip: 1. Sunscreen – use it every day 2. Antioxidant serum – something rich in Vitamin C. My favorite is TNS essential serum. 3. Moisturizer for both face and body. 4. Bottled… Read More

Watch our website for information on this event happening at both our ArkLaTex Dermatology locations. Make an appointment, and bring a friend to our free skin cancer screening – 1st Monday in May. SHREVEPORT (318) 212-3440 BOSSIER CITY (318) 212-7800… Read More

This month is a great time to think what you can do to give back to our wonderful ArkLaTex community! One of my passions is the arts. New to our community in the last few years under the direction of Gregory Kallenberg are Film Prize and Food Prize. Film Prize is a festival of short… Read More

Our Enlighten Laser combines both Nano and Pico technology for faster, more complete results.  We are on the last few treatments for our aesthetician Erin’s tattoo.… Read More

Planning air travel soon? Here are some tips for protecting your skin while flying: Use a good moisturizer every 4 hours. Epiderma Repair Cream is a good choice. Flying leads to increased levels of harmful free radicals on skin. Creams or oils containing antioxidants are a must. Try Revision 30% vitamin C cream. Alcohol, internal… Read More

Even though it’s cold outside, it’s not too early to think about your summer skin! Here are 5 things you can do now to make your skin better by summertime: 1) Commit to daily sunscreen. 2) Decrease caffeine/alcohol/salt intake 3) Use an antioxidant (like vitamin C) twice daily on face and neck 4) Exfoliate body… Read More